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Mythic and Environmental Arts in Alaska

book recommendations from Terri Windling, the Journal of Mythic Arts

· spiritual,myth,shamanism,arctic,environmentalism

In the Journal of Mythic Arts, Terri Windling recommended several titles for readers wanting to explore indigenous mythic heritages of Alaska:

Hunters of the Northern Forest, by Richard Nelson

Make Prayers to the Raven, by Richard Nelson

Of Wolves and Men, by Barry Lopez

Arctic Dreams, by Barry Lopez

and... my novel:

"For mythic fiction about the far North, I recommend Lesley Thomas' Flight of the Goose. Set in a small village on the Bering Strait coast in the 1970s, Thomas explores themes of myth, cultural conflict, environmentalism, and spirituality against the spectacular backdrop of the Arctic tundra." ~ Terri Windling

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